What the NVZ Rules say

If you are intending to spread livestock manures, sewage sludge, composts, food wastes or other treated or untreated organic wastes you must identify on a Risk Map the areas of land on your farm where manures can be spread to comply with the NVZ Rules. You must show where manures cannot be spread or can only be spread when certain conditions apply.

What do we do

You supply us with hard copy details of your O.S field locations, size and risk. We locate an aerial image of your farm and identify the individual fields from the data supplied. Next we incorporate the risk assessments within the field images adding the name and risk classification based on the colour coding set down in the Rules. For a single fixed price we can provide up to 15 maps; More field maps can be purchased at a set rate.


NVZ Risk Map Features



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NVZ Risk Maps for Organic Manures

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